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To improve civic conditions, to promote a feeling of good fellowship and sociability, to maintain the social fabric, and to establish and maintain a reasonable balance between preservation and use of the natural environment in the Eldora area.



When this site was launched, various thoughts came to us about the future of Eldora and the ECA. For a number of years the ECA has fought the good fight to keep Eldora as it was and as we remember it back for many generations. But changes are stirring in our little town whether we approve them or not. Many of our members are moving on to the next plane and of the next generation, some are keeping on as things have been, others are not as interested in the town, or perhaps not as determined to preserve it as it has been. Some no longer have time for it and have sold their interests to new residents who simply don’t have the ancestral memories that many of us do. Still others have also been around forever, but don’t, for a variety of reasons, agree with what the ECA stands for and has accomplished over the years.


But one thing that tends to unite Eldorans is our love for this extremely special and unique place. Although some



would like to see, and indeed, may have a vested interest in, turning it into everywhere else, most folks don’t want to see too much change here. No place can remain completely static and a community has to have a certain amount of dynamism to remain viable, that 's simply a fact of human existence. However, working together we can present a strong voice to the forces affecting our little town, whether that be the county, the Forest Service, the ski area or any nearby town that wishes to make changes to us for their own self interest instead of ours. Help to keep these changes on a level that suits us, and not destroy the unique fabric of this wonderful place.


So we would like to invite all Eldorans to make use of our website, to bring your ideas and your voice to our community.


The Eldora Civic Association

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