Historical Photos 1 - click photo to see larger image

Eldora, Colo.

Dixie Lodge at Lake Eldora

Eldora with Blue Goose Mill (lower left hand corner)

Lost Lake from Revenge Mine

Eldora. White two-story building is schoolhouse, Mogul powerhouse in foreground

Eldorado Avenue, looking east

Looking west on Klondyke, Gold Miner on right

John I. Lilly, 1937

Talmadge & Lilly Stage at Calvert's stage stop at Boulder Falls

Eldora, Colo, 1920s

Eldorado Avenue, 1954

Looking North towards Rocky Ledge and Bungalog; Dellhaven right foreground

Yankee Doodle Lake, 1917

Arapahoe Peak


Gold Miner Hotel, Evelyn Lilly & Harold Lilly

Mrs Evelyn Lilly (Eldora's town clerk, Barbara Bolton's grandmother), Mrs Reb

Eldorado Ave looking east

Frenchie, about 1916

Fatty Mills, Kathryn Prebus (dark dress) postmistress of Eldora & Barbara (Lilly) Bolton's aunt

Stage in Boulder Canyon, July 1906

Donald C Kemp, father found Happy Valley, later El-Dora-Eldora

Joe Lasinsky

Eldora, CO 1948

Tallmadge & Lilly Stage, Harry White (Driver), Mrs.Carl Tallmadge, Miss Frances Jamison, Mrs. Dick Murdock, Bill Graham

Heavy Freighting in Boulder Canyon

Lee Evans and Don Kemp

Tallmadge and Lilly Stage

1st camp of Happy Valley Placer Co, on site of Penrose Lodge, 1892

1st Wolftongue Mill, Nederland, CO, 1899