Historical Photos 5 - click photo to see larger image

Miner Sargent, Peggy Hurd, Haskell Sargent, & Beanie Von Oven

Mrs Pond (Barbara Bolton's aunt) at store called Mt Shadows, 1921-1935

Bill Millikin, Charles Caldwell, Charlotte Millikin (Kay Pierson's mother),

Eldora, 1939

Margaret and Mrs Frazier, (child), middle lady is Isabella Kopperl O'Connor

Phoenix Mill

Caribou in the 1940's

Barker Reservoir in Nederland

Joe Cohen and son Abie in front of Way-Side cabin, 1919

R Sizers birthday party, August 25, 1925

Phillip and Martha Rouse

Mr Cropsey, B Millikin, Tommy Young, Mrs Hoxy, C Caldwell, Mrs Hurd, C Burrows, Mr Hurd, Dorothy Hurd

Old bridge below Woodland Flats

Party at Mr Cropsey's, 1920's

Walter & Shirley Gunter, 1924

Russel Rouse

John Graff with 1929 Chevrolet, Mr Rouse on Porch

Eldora from Spencer Mtn, Mogul powerhouse in foreground, 1939

Eldorado Ave, 1929, On Left- Old Mayhofer home (bottled booze), Lilly Stables, Right- Cummings Boarding house

M Frazier, L Millikin, Mrs Millikin, C O'Connor, C Caldwell, B Millikin, M Sargent, & Jim Frazier (hiddden)

Harry Cox and Floyd Watrous in front of Hitching Post

James, Margaret and Mrs Frazier

Eldora Stage

Margaret Frazier

Glacier Route, Armstead Transport Co.

Mrs Wilson and Mrs Millikin

Eldora school room, 1906

Clara Miller in front of Dr Martin's house

Clara, Charles and Vern Horback