Historical Photos 7 - click photo to see larger image

Eldora, late 1920's

Eldora, 1899

El Dora, 1897

Eldora, 1923

Log Cabin Corner, corner of Eldorado Ave & 6th St, 1949

Dry goods store

Camp Eldorado, 1895

Interior of bank in Eldora

Wedding party in front of the Eldora Hotel, 1900

Stage at Castle Rock

Sulfide Flats, Town of Sulfide

Building Bailey Mill dam (2nd Dam), about the summer of 1899

Eldora with Blue Goose Mill (lower left hand corner)

Interior of bank, Ralph Balsh, cashier

Caribou Cemetary, Kathryn and Jeanie McCleary

Eldora, 1899

Lilly Stage, Boulder Canyon

Eldora, 1925

Labor Day, 1899, rock drilling contest

John (Jack) Gilfillan, engineer of the Mogul

Jack Gilfillan

Swathmore mine, located west Bryan Ave, across from 945 Bryan

Happy Valley Placer flume,1894

Eldora, 1925, population- winter 17, summer3500

Bank of Eldora 1901

Champ Smith

Kemp Falls, 1925

Inside the Mogul power house

El Dorado Camp, 1893

Clara Hornback at Rainbow cabin, located at junction of of Huron & Klondyke