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Emma Louise Fisher, Nellie Reavis, Peggy Hurd on railroad in Eldora, 1919
Loop trestle from the east, Moffit Road, 1968
6th St bridge, Eldora, 1926
Penny Penrose of Penrose Lodge, 1923
Jake Rowley at Lost Lake
Eldora, Colo.
6% grade, Switzerland Trail, Denver, Boulder & Western Railroad Co, Denver to Boulder and Ward
Snowsheds on Rollins Pass at Corona
30 foot snowdrift at Revenge Mine, Lost Lake
Eldorado Ave looking west, before 1916
Old bridge to Eldora with welcome sign for the train
Train at the Eldora station, boy in short pants is Harold Lilly, gentleman is Mr. Harpel (mayor of Eldora)
Eldora from east, 1916
6th St, schoolhouse, late 1920's
Denver, Boulder & Western Railroad Co, Switzerland Trail, 6% grade
Lake Eldora Lodge, 1917, Isabella Cross and mother on bridge
Eldora, Brookside, 1916
Golden Fleece shaft house, Mogul blacksmith shop at the left
Office of Eldora Record, Eldora's newspaper from 1902-1909
View from Eldorado Mtn, schoolhouse in center
Dorothy Huntington's Nash in front of Langely's garage during snowstorm of Nov. 1946
Eldora, west of Gold Miner, Frenchie's store E Eldorado Ave, Way-Side cabin Klondyke Ave.
Lake Eldora, bridge to boat house
Eldora, 1896
Bailey Mill
View from Eldorado Mtn showing Mogul dump
View of Eldora from Spencer Mtn
Rugg House Fire, 1922
Glacier Lake on Switzerland Trail
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