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Mr & Mrs H M Durand (Frenchie), operated store about 1919
Emma Louise Fisher, Nellie Reavis and Peggy Hurd
Group including Mrs Millikin, Mrs Beach, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Eckdall
Rugg house on fire, 1922
Eldora, 1920's
Train, plowing into Eldora
Party at Mrs Cropsey's, 1920's
Golden Fleece Mine, Mogul in background
Rodeo grounds in Nederland
Looking west from 6th St at Eldorado Ave, Brookside on left
100 Lois Kemp in yard near Kemp cabin observing hail on roof, this is Klondyke looking east
Nellie Reavis McCleery, Peggy Hurd, Emma Louise Fischer at Frenchie's store
6th St bridge
Barker Dam under construction, 1919
Old Huckleberry Bridge, located west of Lazzarino Bird Sanctuary
Nellie Reavis,Emma Louise Fisher, Peggy Hurd
Eldora in the 1920's
Nellie Reavis, Emma Louise Fisher and Peggy Hurd, 1919
Mr & Mrs David Reavis and Nellie at Way-Side cabin
Bob Roney, postal carrier for Nederland, Eldora and Caribou, 1946
Bob Roney delivering mail, 1938
Nederland fire pumper at Rugg house, 1922
Smoke from fire near Rollinsville, late 1930's
Frank Anderson driving his cows home, Frank owned the Gold Miner in the 1920s
120 Donkey at Way-Side Cabin, Nellie & friend riding, with Mrs Isham & David Reavis, Dvid Martin and Edmund Fisher
Emma Louise Fisher, Nellie Reavis, Peggy Hurd
Eldora Social Club, Mrs Rouse, center
123 Group, 1920's
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